Rolfing gets you back on track.

A structural tune-up for the body…

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a form of manual bodywork that – unlike traditional massage – aims to achieve lasting structural and functional improvements. Rolfing brings the structure of the body back into alignment, thus improving both well-being and mobility.

Results are achieved through manipulaiton of the fascia, a type of connective tissue that is found throughout the body: it permeates, envelops and supports all of the muscles, bones, nerves and organs. Rolfing works on this connective tissue network to release chronic tension patterns and realign and balance the body.

…for anyone who wants to feel better in their own body.

Regardless one’s level of fitness level or age, the sometimes challenging sessions are optimally tailored to the needs of each individual client. In addition to the structural and functional benefits that Rolfing provides, many also note an increase in subjective wellness as a result of improved mind-body integration.

Athletes, dancers and musicians other artists even use Rolfing to improve performance in their area of endeavor.

"Strength that has effort in it is not what you need;
you need strength that is the result of ease.“
Ida P. Rolf Ph.D.

Rolfing Structural Integration in the heart of Graz

My Rolfing practice is located within CIty Yoga Graz, just behind the playground on Herrengrass. There are parking options nearby, and of course public transport is easily accessible via Jakominiplatz.

Rolfing in Graz Map

Rolfing on Herrengasse, just a few minutes' walk from Jakominiplatz or the Graz main square

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