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Rolfing can quickly bring about structural changes in the body, improving both your posture and how you move. With more flexibility and a greater sense of internal balance, it becomes easier to maintain an upright posture and move with ease. As a welcome side effect, aches and pains are often also lessened or eliminated.

The best way to find out if Rolfing is right for you is to try a no obligation first session. We can talk about your goals as well as the issues you're facing.

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Nathan Michael Ingvalson B.Sc., Certified Rolfer™
Tel. +43 (0) 650-8513137


My Rolfing practice is located within City Yoga Graz
in the center of Graz, Austria

Rolfing sessions are by appointment only.


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Rolfing in Graz

Rolfing Structural Integration is a form of manual bodywork. In contrast of common massage, Rolfing is aimed at making long-term structural and functional changes. Rolfing brings the body back into alignment, thus improving both mobility and overall wellbeing.


Rolfing works via manipulation of the fascia. This network of connective tissue can be found throughout the body: it wraps and supports every muscle, bone, nerve and organ. Rolfing improves the function of this whole-body supportive network, reducing or eliminating chronic tension patterns while helping the body to be more upright and balanced with less effort.

It doesn't matter how old you are or what activities you take part in on a regular basis – each Rolfing session focuses on your individual needs. Athletes, dancers, yoga people, martial artists and even musicians make use of Rolfing to improve their performance.

A Rolfing sessions lasts about 75 minutes. The first no obligation session costs €50. The normal rate for a Rolfing session is 75€, 50€ for students.

Nathan Ingvalson, Zertifizierter Rolfer
Rolfer in Graz

I am a Rolfer because I want to help people to enjoy their lives more thoroughly, to live more thoroughly.

I grew up in Minnesota (US) and completed my Bachelor of Science degree at the Universisty of Wisconsin - Madison. I knew that I wanted to help people in a hands-on way, so after moving to Portland, Oregon I started on two paths simultaneously. I went to massage school while I was working on the prerequisites for a paramedic program – at the same time working full-time in emergency communications at the Oregon Health and Sciences University. During this time, I completed 10 Rolfing sessions with a local Rolfer and found that many of my previous physical problems disappeared. I raced bicycles (road and track) during my time at university so I had some moderately serious knee and back problems. After Rolfing, they were resolved. This lasting functional improvement, something missing in everyday massage, inspired me to complete the two-year intensive Rolfing training – I attended both the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and training with the European Rolfing Association. I was certified as a Rolfer in 2003 and I've been Rolfing in Graz ever since.

I currently enjoy kettlebell training, qigong, martial arts and yoga…and of course bicycling around Graz.


Rolfing in the center of Graz, Austria


Rolfing in Graz, Austria ever since 2003

Nathan Ingvalson, Zertifizierter Rolfer
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Nathan Michael Ingvalson, B.Sc.
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Rolfing at "City Yoga Graz"
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8010 Graz


Tel. +43(0)650-8513137

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